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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my invoice?2022-11-28T16:13:32+00:00

You can pay your invoice by putting a credit card on file and having it automatically charged each month, that way you don’t need to worry about it. You also have the option to receive your invoice by email and can pay by clicking on the secure link to pay. 

We also accept payments over the phone and you can mail a check payable to: Scotty’s Potties Inc 

We thank you for paying your invoices in a timely manner!

When do I receive my invoice?2022-11-28T16:13:09+00:00

We invoice at the end of each month and will send out your final invoice as soon as you call/text/message for a pickup.

Do you have fancier toilets than standard ones?2022-11-28T16:12:55+00:00

Yes! We have a 4-Stall Restroom Trailer with Heat, AC, Bluetooth, and more!

Check out our product page for more details and to see other products such as our Handicap Accessible units & Toilets with sinks.

Can I rent a portable toilet in the winter?2022-11-28T16:12:16+00:00

Yes! We use salt water to keep the tanks from freezing. Units will be wiped down but since we do not have fresh water in the winter we cannot spray them down if they are extra dirty. 

We do not rent handwashing stations in the winter.

What do I do if my toilet blows over?2022-11-28T16:11:56+00:00

Reach out to us immediately! The sooner you notify us the sooner we can get out there and clean it up or replace it. We do not charge to come out there to do this, so please do not leave it for your scheduled routine service. We do stake down our units but unfortunately this does happen on occasion, we will reassess the location of the unit and move it if necessary.

What hours are you open?2022-11-28T16:11:38+00:00

Our office is open Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM. We are a small business so if we do not answer right away, please leave a message and we will get back to you on the same business day. We screen messages after hours, on weekends, and holidays for emergencies such as blowovers. 

Our route drivers are typically out Monday through Friday at various times, and occasionally on weekends.

My portable toilet wasn’t serviced this week, what happened?2022-11-28T16:11:14+00:00

We guarantee to come to your location once a week, however if the unit is blocked due to equipment, cars parked in front, mud, snow, locked gate, etc we unfortunately cannot service the unit. Our drivers need to be able to get within 20 ft of the portable toilet(s) to pump & service. The driver will do their best to partially service it if possible. We will contact you if this happens multiple times. Please make sure there is nothing blocking the portable toilet at all times and that snow is plowed to ensure the driver can service it.

We are always happy to move it to a different spot if it keeps getting blocked!

If I only have my portable toilet(s) serviced every other week or once a month will I get a discount?2022-11-28T16:10:53+00:00

It is the same price whether you have it serviced once a week or once a month, we typically require they be serviced once a week to keep them from getting too full or dirty. This ensures you have a great customer experience!

What if I need my toilet serviced more than once a week?2022-11-28T16:10:32+00:00

We are happy to schedule you in for additional services, there is an additional charge per servicing that our representative will be happy to discuss with you.

What day will my portable toilet(s) be serviced?2022-11-28T16:10:16+00:00

Every unit is scheduled into set routes, however the day of service could change without notice to the customer. This can be due to holidays, vacations, someone calling in sick, etc. We guarantee to service it once a week but we cannot guarantee the same day. If you are ever wondering when your unit will be serviced that week feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to let you know!

What’s included in my monthly rental?2022-11-28T16:10:00+00:00

A once a week servicing where the toilet will be stocked with supplies (including 3 rolls of toilet paper & hand sanitizer if empty), pumped & filled with water, and cleaned & sanitized.

Can I have the portable toilet placed anywhere that I want?2022-11-28T16:09:42+00:00

We will do our best to accommodate where you would like the portable toilet to go. The area needs to be flat and also easy access for the driver to get within 20 ft to service the unit. If you request the unit to be placed behind a locked gate or fence we will need either a key or passcode to service the toilet 24/7. 

If the location selected does not work, our driver will work with you to find a spot that will work for you & us. On occasion we will request the unit to be moved to another spot if we are unable to service it multiple times due to it being inaccessible.

Do I need to be there when the unit is delivered?2022-11-28T16:09:17+00:00

No, as long as the spot that you want the portable toilet to go is marked & unobstructed, or you have described to our representative where you want the portable toilet to go, then you do not need to be there. The driver will use their discretion on where to place the unit if no instructions were given.

How soon in advance do I need to order a Portable Toilet?2022-11-28T16:08:52+00:00

We recommend you order at least a week in advance to ensure the inventory is available & that we can deliver on the day that you need. However we take pride in being there when you need us so we typically can deliver a unit the next day from when you order, but we always appreciate a heads up if you can! 

For large events we suggest you order months in advance as we do book up very quickly, however we sometimes have some available on short notice so always ask!

Emergency same day orders are also available for an additional fee.

How do I order a Portable Toilet?2023-03-20T14:16:04+00:00

Easy! There are a few simple ways to order a Portable Toilet.

  1. Click REQUEST QUOTE on our website and we will reach out to you shortly via the email you provide
  2. Call or Text us at 978-939-5922
  3. Email us at admin@scottyspottiesinc.com
  4. Message us on Facebook


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